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Motorists Rights

It’s your car – It’s your choice!

Choosing an auto collision and refinish centre.
As the owner of a motor vehicle damaged in an accident, you have the right to choose the shop where you wish it repaired. This is the law!
Do I need more than one estimate?
No. Do not waste your time or that of several shops getting estimates. Select a repair facility you feel comfortable with, then notify your agent or insurance company, or ask the shop to call on your behalf. Your insurance adjuster may have to have the damage to the vehicle inspected. This can be done at a collision reporting centre or at the shop you have chosen.
Notify your insurance company.
Notify your insurance company or agent, and tell them where the damaged vehicle can be inspected.
Is the work guaranteed?
Most collision and repair centres guarantee their work to some degree, which may not include the paint job. Ask to see a copy of the shop’s guarantee and have any information you do not understand clarified.
Qualified collision and refinish centres.
Look for signs that indicate repair technician certification and training. Membership in professional trade associations indicates that the shop is keeping up with the latest repair procedures.

  • Know your repair shop.
  • Make sure the shop you choose:
  • Maintains a reliable, professional reputation.
  • Is properly equipped and organized to meet today’s more technical repair needs
  • Maintains specialized equipment and systems at peak performance.
  • Has technicians that are thoroughly trained and certified.

Inspect the repairs Before driving away:

    • Check the appearance of the repaired area close up and at a distance.
    • Examine the paint for colour match, texture and overspray.
    • Take a test drive to check mechanical repairs.
    • Check that the vehicle is clean.
    • If you are not satisfied, mention your concerns immediately.

Dear Potential Customer
If you would like us to repair your car please say so. We would be glad to call your agent or broker on your behalf.